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Goats Make Perfect Hiking Companions, Get Out There!

My family loves to hike. When we take the dogs they have backpacks and saddlebags so they can hike with their own gear which creates more room in my backpack. Sometimes though the number of days we can hike is dictated by how much we can carry! Not anymore!

We are headed to the state of Idaho! Why? Goats! Check out Goat Pro Idaho!

Goats are a solution if you have an old injury or carrying gear has kept you away from the trails, Yep, goats are the perfect hiking companions! 

You can do this for $25 per day per goat (minimum 2 goats) for a trip 5 days or more let the goats lug your gear.

The site, Only In Your State tells us how it works,

"Don't worry, you don't have to be an experienced goat packer in order to get the most out of your goat. All you have to do is set the saddle on the goat's back, attach some straps, and you're good to go. They'll follow along wherever you decide to take them."

The good news is you don't have to know anything about goats. Doesn't this sound awesome?

Mountain goats can also help you navigate the hiking trail better and honestly, it's safer! It allows you to go beyond a day hike and see the beauty of Idaho's national forests! Some of the best hikes in Idaho are the Sawtooth Mountains/Sawtooth Lake, Iron Creek trailhead, Goat Falls, and Goat Lake. The Forest Service can always help you too if you have questions when you're researching where to go.

The Sawtooth Wilderness is stunning! Check out hiking with goats if you're hoping to extend your next trip!

Does this sound like a dream vacation? Please leave a comment below!

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