Dog Sleeping Bags Are Reason Enough To Take Your Dog Camping

All three dogs sleep in my bed and it gets crowded. Why when I'm camping should they have to share my sleeping bag? I don't try and get all of them into our sleeping bags but we end up bringing a ton of blankets which just takes up more space.

Not anymore! I'm so happy to see there are alternatives to pads and beds.

Of course, your dog needs a hiking pack, water bowl, harness but now he can have his own sleeping bag! So for us, that means three sleeping bags which probably sounds crazy to anyone with a single dog.

If you think your dog doesn't get cold you're wrong. Even larger breeds benefit from having a warm layer at night when the temperatures drop.

PetMD.com tells us,

"Most people camp during warmer months, but a few souls brave cold climates during outdoor excursions. Both the heat and the cold pose their own type of dangers for your dog.

The cold can subject your dog to issues like hypothermia (extremely low core body temperature) and frostbite." 


Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag

According to Ruffwear's product page, the backpack is packable, durable and provides warmth and comfort for your dog on the trail or the campsite. The zippered opening allows the bag to open wide, then zip closed to retain dogs' body heat. 

This sleeping bag is available for $74.90. 

Do you consider your dog a trail dog? We have a lot of trails around our house so we don't have to travel super far away but over the summer we take the three hounds on plenty of outdoor adventures!

Some people bring dog beds on a camping trip but there's nowhere for them to burrow and then you're stuck bringing along a bunch of blankets.

We've been looking for a pet sleeping bed or bag solution as we have small dogs and they get cold! We were so happy to see that Ruffwear makes a pet sleeping bag and we'll be using it this summer as we're still having cold weather overnight and in the mornings. Your dog's body will need layers just as you do!

This sleeping bag has a stuff sack and the outer layer is water resistant. It can be washed with cold water and it's quick drying.

What types of pet beds are you currently using for weekend trips? Will you invest in a travel dog bed for your furry friend? Some people I've talked to don't want to carry another bag but most of the dog gear these days come in a sack and is easily added to your backpack. Look for a bed or sleeping bag with a bottom layer and a machine washable bed is probably best if you travel a lot.

Staff note: We'll continue our research on the best sleeping bag as this is clearly not a full product review but we wanted to make sure pet owners knew this type of gear was available!

Do you have a dog backpack when you all take off for the weekend and go camping? Please leave us a comment below!

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