Farm Offers Hiking Excursions with Goats So You Can Be Part of the Herd

Hiking can be so peaceful. 

Picture this: you're high up on a trail, the sun shining down, but it's not too hot because it's early spring. In fact, since you are hiking in Maine, there's still some snow on the ground. You are getting some good exercise, the birds are chirping, and you are enjoying the crisp, East Coast air. Then a goat hops up beside you, nibbling the edge of your jacket. Yes, there are a herd of goats on this hike.

This hypothetical hike can actually be a reality if you found yourself daydreaming. Ten Apple Farms in Grey, Maine offers hikes on their 10 acres with their herd of Alpine dairy goats every month. It's a two-mile loop on well-maintained trails with a few steep parts. The farm's owners Margaret Hathaway and Karl Schatz host the hikes and on the way educate the hikers all things goat. They'll answer questions about raising goats and running a successful dairy.

Ten Apple Farm is home to nine French Alpine dairy goats that are hand-milked to produce yogurt and cheese. Visitors will also see some heritage hens dotting the property, as well as ducks and turkeys. Charlotte and Beatrice are the two young daughters who help care for the animals, including a dog named Godfrey and a cat named Truffle.

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The family-run farm have been hosting goat hikes for the past seven years. Their hikes are getting so popular that the hikes until late May are already booked up! They do offer slots on a waiting list though...

The people who sign up to hike with goats range from bachelorette parties to birthday parties, to outdoor-minded goat enthusiasts Hathaway told the Press Herald. The hikes max out at 20 people.

After the hike, participants can try their hand at milking one of the goats including Flyrod, Percival, Toka, Sarah, Emma Rose, Prunella, Maxine, Bobbette and Moxie who can also be seen leading the hike. Hikers can also enjoy some fresh cookies and goat milk in the Ten Apple Farm barn after the excursion. 

The hikes are $10 for adults and $5 for children and you can RSVP for a hike by emailing [email protected].

Would you want to take a hike with a herd of goats? Tell us in the comments below. 

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