Alaska black bear

Here's the Gear Randy Newberg Takes on his Alaska Black Bear Hunts

Randy Newberg goes through the gear basics of what he takes with him when he hunts Alaska black bear. Learn from his experience.

Randy Newberg is gearing up to go on one of his $2,000 Alaskan black bear hunts. He does these hunts on the cheap, and the gear he takes with him is probably stuff that you already have on hand.

This is the basics, the essential equipment that he takes for himself and two cameramen to allow them to live and hunt in the Alaskan bush for one week.

Let's make a bullet list of the stuff he takes:

  • one large dry bag
  • couple pairs of waterproof gloves
  • quality rain gear (he emphasizes that high quality rain gear is a must)
  • wading pants
  • wading shoes
  • multiple - at least four - dry bags (he always has one dry bag that is always with him and which contains his survival gear)
  • a good life vest
  • one two-person tent for each person going on the trip
  • a tent footprint or tarp for each tent
  • two to three 85-quart ice chests with locks
  • eating equipment and meals
  • two jetboil units (you will need to buy fuel when you arrive, as you cannot take it on a plane)
  • at least two water filtration systems
  • game bags
  • floating rifle case
  • backpack and backpack rain cover
  • small gun cleaning kit
  • marine band radio for emergency communications
  • multi-tool
  • lockable tote filled with smaller gear
  • trekking poles
  • several collapsible water containers
  • rope
  • insect spray
  • two tarps
  • fillet knife
  • extra trash bags
  • pulley
  • rubber repair kit
  • Gorilla tape

He didn't cover every little thing in this video, and no doubt you will have some things that you can or can't live without that are different from Newberg's.

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