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Why Use Trekking Poles? Randy Newberg Has the Answer

Randy Newberg talks about the advantages of hunting with trekking poles. They can help help you hunt harder and hunt longer.

Did you know that trekking poles can reduce the compressive force on your knees by up to 25%. That's according to the Journal of Sports Medicine, and it's actually pretty astounding.

As hunters get older trekking poles can help them hunt harder and longer. Particularly when high mountain hunting. But even young hunters see the advantage of trekking poles.

All of the going up and down inclines puts a good deal of pressure on your knees and joints. And if you're carrying a weighted backpack that pressure and torque is compounded. One slip can ruin your trip. Trekking poles offer an added layer of stability.

An essential piece of equipment is a good backpack, one where you can strap in your rifle or bow so that your hands are free.

Another option is a hiking staff, especially if you want to keep at least one hand free or have a hand to carry your weapon. Newberg doesn't get into hiking staffs but it is worth considering. A hiking staff will help you stabilize and more evenly distribute your weight when hiking downhill.

Trekking poles or a hiking staff can help your hiking endurance by more evenly distributing your energy expenditure. Where your legs and knees will be getting some relief, you'll be using your arms more by using poles or a staff.

"You can laugh at me all you want," says Newberg. " But there's a reason why this 51-year-old, gray haired fart, who drives a desk for a living a good portion of the year, can go and hunt the mountains: trekking poles."

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Why Use Trekking Poles? Randy Newberg Has the Answer