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Kifaru Tut Tent Set-Up: Spacious at Under 4 Pounds

Kifaru TUT

The Kifaru Tut wilderness shelter is a lightweight and roomy tent that delivers the best of both worlds. Watch the set-up and find out if it’s your style. 

Brian Call and Aron Snyder took the Kifaru Tut shelter on one of their recent hunts. Aron set the tent up in no time at all, and the two discuss how they use the shelter.

Weighing in at 3.75 pounds, the tipi-style tent is lightweight and highly portable.

It comfortably sleeps two people, along with their gear, a stove, and wood. There’s one stove port in the tent, and a small or medium box or cylinder stove is recommended.

The footprint dimensions of the completely set up tent are 8’3″ by 8’3″, and the inside standing height is 6’6″. Packed dimensions are only 6.5″ by 22″.

Here’s another set-up video of the Kifaru tut:

Snyder admits that this is not a shelter for high elevation or rough terrain. In those cases, the Kifaru Sawtooth shelter would be a better option.

These are floorless shelters, and if you’re unfamiliar with this style of tent, you may have a couple of concerns: One, water in the tend, and two, bugs in the tent.

First, you shouldn’t have a problem with water if you set your tent up in the proper location: that is, avoid low spots and gulleys. You can also add a large piece of Tyvek as a ground cloth.

As for bugs, well… if bugs can get into a floorless tent, they can also escape. If the weather is warm, you may have a few bug issues. For me, the advantages of a floorless shelter outweigh the negatives: I can use these tents with stoves, they’re more compact and lighter without the floor, and I can wear my boots inside the tent.

The Kifaru Tut retails for around $650.

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Kifaru Tut Tent Set-Up: Spacious at Under 4 Pounds