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Quick Gun Care Tips for Your Rifle While in the Field

Keeping you rifle or shotgun operating smoothly and safely doesn’t take much effort. Here are a few gun care tips for during and after the hunt.

You put your deer rifle or shotgun through some less than ideal conditions while hunting. Rain, dirt, shooting, and just banging it around demand attention to keep everything working smoothly and safely.

Alaska guide Janis Putelis presents a few fast, simple maintenance and care tips on how to keep this vital component of your hunting gear in top shape while you’re in the field.

Putelis recommends carrying with you in the field:

  • Tube of all-weather grease – for oiling your gun in wet environment, rust prevention, lubricating a gummy action.
  • Bore snake – to clear possible muzzle blockages.
  • Lense wipe – for safely cleaning optics without scratching.
  • Oiled rag – usually used after the hunt to wipe down metal and wood stock guns.

It’s a lightweight kit and a quick regimen that will probably take you less time to accomplish than it took to watch this brief video.

You invest a lot in your firearm. It’s worth the few bucks of field maintenance items and the minute of time to keep it working at its best when you need it.

Putelis is an author and contributor to Steve Rinella’s The MeatEater, and a hunting guide with Coburn and Scott Outfitters.

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Quick Gun Care Tips for Your Rifle While in the Field