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Hawaiian Humane Society Offers Reward for Info About Traumatic Video

Someone's idea of a funny video is actually a tragic case of animal abuse.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is investigating an incident that put the life of a cat in serious danger. A video surfaced on social media this past week that showed a man flinging a cat over a high-rise balcony. The video was set to music from "The Lion King," and laughing can be heard in the background.

A caption that went along with the video stated the cat is still alive, but that doesn't negate the act of gruesome cruelty the man in the video committed. The video was soon taken down, but not before the Hawaiian Humane Society decided to take action. They obtained a copy of the video and are now actively looking for any and all information that could help find the people involved.

A $5,000 reward is being offered to anyone who offers a tip that leads to an arrest. The Hawaiian Humane Society told Hawaii News Now the donation was made possible thanks to the community coming together and offering donations. Honolulu County residents are determined to find justice for the abused cat and send the message that animal abuse for the sake of social media attention will not be tolerated.

With nothing but an unreliable statement about the cat's well-being, Humane Society staff also wants to find the abused cat and offer any veterinarian attention it needs. It's unclear whether the cat is a pet belonging to the man that threw it off the ledge or if it's one of the neighborhood's many strays. Either way, people are calling for justice and insisting that when the man and cat are found, the cat be taken from his custody and placed in a good home.

If you recognize the man in the video, officials encourage you to call the Hawaiian Humane Society or the Hawaiian Police Department.

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