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Google Patents New Wearable That Could Revolutionize Self Filming

If you self-film your hunts or fishing trips, or live stream anything, this tech will make your life much easier.

Love them or hate them, smart devices are becoming a part of everyday life. Most people don't leave home without a smartphone. Wearables are the new fad in technology, starting with the smart watch.

Google intends to start a new craze with their newest patent. The idea incorporates a camera and broadcasting system, placed conveniently in a ball cap. It does require a connection to a smart phone and batteries. Unlike the watches, this has a place in the outdoor market. How often do you hit the woods, lake, or trails without a hat?

The design makes it easy to record and live stream activities as you see them. Offering a recording and angle similar to a GoPro, although probably not as rugged. The trade off is connectivity offering the potential for a live feed.

The current theory of this hat has some pretty impressive technology. The Camera and Microphone are clipped to the brim to provide a first persons view of the action. A bone conduction speaker will most likely be at the base of the hat to allow the wearer to hear. So when you live stream your fishing or hunting action you can have a two-way conversation. Well, in theory.

Image via USPTO

Image via USPTO

Now the downside. This patent may never come to fruition. Google isn't obligated to make the product, and the company has a reputation to take a moonshot on a product without following up or completing the product. Only time will tell, but the theory, at least, is very interesting.