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Glock Protests the Army's Handgun Decision

Glock is protesting the United States Army's Sig Sauer P320 decision.

On February 24th, Glock filed a protest with the Government Accountability Office. The move was not unexpected.

If you have been following along the U.S. Army has been conducting research since August 2015 to find a new modular hand gun system. In January, the Army had made its decision to replace the aging Beretta M9 with the Sig Sauer P320. The contract awarded to Sig Sauer is valued at $580 million, as a 10-year agreement for full-sized and compact versions of the P320.

Given the value of the contract Glock was expected to petition the contract. With the potential to sell 500,000 pistols on the line it's a calculated risk.

According to Glock the company claims a majority of U.S. Police departments use Glock. All this growth since the company's birth in 1982. It stands to make sense that a company like this doesn't take a loss lightly, hence protesting the contract.

Glock filed protest after receiving the debrief regarding not winning the contract. The protest was not filed within five days of that meeting, so it will not slow down the testing of the modular system.

The P320 will be put to use and integrated over the next decade. Included with the contract are accessories and ammunition. The P320 is customizable for the needs of each individual shooter explaining the need for accessories.