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U.S. Army Duo Wins International Sniper Competition

Fort Benning

Teams from the United States took all three top podium spots in the international shooting competition.

The 2016 International Sniper Competition confirmed what we’ve always known to be true: the United States armed forces are the gold standard. Shooting teams from the U.S. took home the top three places at the annual precision shooting competition.

The sniper competition was recently held in Fort Benning, Georgia. This contest, which lasted a total of 96 hours, drew teams from all over the world.

The Michigan Army National Guard team took home first place. Behind them, teams from Special Forces Sniper School and the 19th Special Forces group took home 2nd and 3rd places. With these results, the United States spectacularly redeemed a poor performance from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Following the competition, a Fort Benning press release explained that the events took place at ranges across the complex. These events tested not only the shooters’ marksmanship, but their physical fitness, navigation skills, and endurance as well. Competing teams were allowed very little sleep throughout the four-day event.

Teams were tested in more than 21 different shooting situations. These situations included both day and night shooting. Individual events included long distance sniper shooting as well as precision handgun shooting and trap shooting.

Sniper Competition

Also participating in the international sniper competition were teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, and Germany.

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U.S. Army Duo Wins International Sniper Competition