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Check Out the Fang High-Speed Stabilizer

The Fang is a great add-on to improve your accuracy in almost any situation.

Looking for a way to improve your accuracy? Or maybe just a great add-on for your gun? Check the video below to see what the Fang has to offer.

That seems like quite the handy add-on for 45 bucks. The applications for this are limitless both at the range and in the field. I can use this with the gun rest on my tree stand and then turn around and use it to stabilize the gun against a tree.

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The Fang is a rail mounted stabilizer that is designed by veterans and American made. As you can see this product is tough and meant to be beat on. Made from a high quality Long-Fiber Glass Filled Nylon this product is meant to last and built tough. If you don't like the one shown a Metal Fang is on its way with pre-orders coming at the end of January.