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6 High-Value Hunting Apps for Your Smartphone

smartphone apps for hunting

People have become inseparable from their phones. So why not put yours to work for this upcoming hunting season? 

Smartphones are some of the best and worst inventions in the world. Almost everyone has one, and most of us carry one while hunting. I am guilty of using it as a distraction to keep me entertained during the slow times. However, your smartphone does have some capabilities that can help you become more successful. The list below contains some helpful apps for iPhone and Android. Some are free; others you will have to pay for.

1. Time2Hunt Lite - Free Android


This app shows the solar and lunar data to predict the best times for hunting activity. I mostly use it to tell me the sunrise and sunset times, but the activity times and ratings do help me plan my days to hunt.

2. OHub Campfire - Free Android/iPhone

This one's a stretch. Sometimes, you can get help from your favorite online outdoors forum; other times, you'll use this app so you can post pictures and brag. (Okay, most of the time you'll use it to brag).

3. HUNT App - 29.99 subscription


The app is free to try, but you will have to pay for a subscription to the service. If you're looking for a parcel to start hunting, this is an awesome app that with your GPS to display land data, including owners of private parcels. It also offers Topographic maps and other map layers.

4. Whitetail Freaks Property Manager - 2.99 Android/iPhone

If you're trying to manage a hunting property, this is a must-have app that you can use to manage a limitless number of properties. With this app, you can calculate your hunting area's acreage, find the size and location of your food plot, and mark specific locations. If you keep forgetting where you put a trail camera or a tree stand, you will be able to mark that. This app is ideal if you are sharing the property with a group of other hunters.

5. HuntStand - Free Android/iPhone


If you don't want to spend the money on a property manager app, HuntStand makes a great free alternative. This app works both online and offline, allowing you to add updates even when you don't have service. Includes weather and tracking features.

6. The Weather Channel - Free Android/iPhone

Everyone has their favorite weather station, and The Weather Channel is mine. Knowing if a storm is coming can mean the difference between a relaxing hunt and a soggy one. This app includes barometric readings and wind direction.

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6 High-Value Hunting Apps for Your Smartphone