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FPS Russia's Most Death Defying Moments On Video

fps russia's most death defying moments

FPS Russia is a master of weapons mayhem.

Many times his antics have nearly cost him his life.

Here's a collection of FPS Russia's most death defying moments on video.

Those are some major shooting safety fails.

For starters, FPS Russia must love the sound of shrapnel zinging past him. Shooting explosive-packed vehicles and other not-so-safe targets has led to many close calls.

The closest call on video has to be the pickup truck shot at close range. The truck's door blows off and becomes a skipping buzzsaw of shrapnel that barely misses him.

While it is entertaining to watch FPS Russia, you certainly don't ever want to try any of his stunts. His close calls could become your funeral.

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FPS Russia's Most Death Defying Moments On Video