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FPSRussia Almost Gets Cut in Half by Shrapnel [VIDEO]

While doing a review on the DRD Paratus-18, this YouTube star almost met his end via target shrapnel! 

FPSRussia picked the wrong target and it almost cost him his life.

While testing out the new DRD Paratus-18 7.62x51mm assault rifle, the shooter targets some lesser items to test the rifle's capabilities.


FPSRussia ups the ante when he targets a pickup truck packed with explosives that was much too close.

He says, "Maybe a little shrapnel going."

A little shrapnel was not what happened. It was more like a whole shredded truck door that narrowly missed slicing him in half.

This video is a lesson on be careful what you shoot, as shrapnel or ricocheting bullets could do you or a friend great harm. Be careful out there.

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FPSRussia Almost Gets Cut in Half by Shrapnel [VIDEO]