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FPSRussia Torture Tests a Glock 21 [VIDEO]

The mighty Glock pistols are known to be tough.

How tough are these pistols, really?

Well, FPSRussia tortures a Glock 21 to find out how tough they are.

Glocks are just about unstoppable. FPSRussia wants to show you how tough it really is.

A Glock 21 pistol is frozen in a block of ice. It is then shot free from the ice by a .45 caliber pistol. He hammers nails with it. Bangs it on steel posts. Then directly shoots it in the slide area again with a .45 caliber pistol. What could be worse than that? How about throwing it into a wood-burning stove? Then blowing up the Glock with explosives?

Well, up until the explosives, the Glock did great. The Glock is a tough pistol, as proven by FPSRussia.

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FPSRussia Torture Tests a Glock 21 [VIDEO]