hunter's haul monthly box subscription

Gear Review: Hunter's Haul Monthly Gear Box Subscription

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow hunter or even yourself?

Hunter's Haul monthly box subscription is sure to bring many smiles to any hunter.

The holiday season is upon us. People are scurrying through malls trying to buy hunters some preppy boxer shorts with a funny little saying or some other horrible gift idea.

When you're shopping for us hunters, buy us gear we actually need. How do you know what to buy the hunter in your life? Well, why not let Hunter's Haul monthly box subscription do all the hard work for you?

I got a chance to review the Advanced Hunter's Haul Welcome Box which contains many useful treasures to say the least.

As I opened the box, I found a diverse assortment of ultra-usable gear. It was a joy digging through the paper crimp packing material to find all of the great gear inside.

The idea behind Hunter's Haul Monthly Gear Box Subscription is that once a month, you get a box of big-name gear that you can actually use. All you need to do is watch the mail.

The first thing I pulled out of this box was a Stealth Cam PX12FX Infrared Scouting Camera. This Low Glo game camera has 8-megapixel capability. It has a 50-foot range and can record video or take pictures. It takes eight size-AA batteries and SD memory cards all the way up to 32GB. It records time, dates and moon phase, and the EZ Dial programming allows the user to set up quickly. After testing the Stealth Cam PX12FX Infrared Scouting Camera, I see why Hunter's Haul included this high-quality scouting camera in their product lineup. 

A hungry and cold hunter stays for a shorter time in the woods. Well, warm up your innards with a legendary Stanley product. This box features a Stanley Food Jar. This vacuum bottle will keep food hot or cold for 12 hours. During testing, it was almost magical how long soup and other hot food items stay hot. It even comes with a dry storage stopper, a lanyard hook and a spork. Everything is right there at your finger tips. With a lifetime warranty, the Food Jar is built to last. Once again, Hunter's Haul picked a great, useful product!

When the big game is down, the work begins. Well, with the Raptor Razor products, the job just got easier. Two great products were in this box from this reputable knife maker. The Big Game Skinner is ready for tackling any big-game chore along with the Mako Precision Cutting Knife. With their patented handles, the cutting is very easy on your wrists in comparison to a conventional knife. The storage inside those handles holds spare screws for the blades and even a survival kit if you'd like. The Raptor Razor product line is very impressive.

Remington Rinse Free Hair And Body Spray is for hunters who just can't get to a shower out there at deer camp. The scent-free formula can be used without water. You know your buddies will thank you, and maybe this year, the deer won't smell you either. The Lens Cleaning Pen will keep your binoculars, scopes and eyeglasses clean for that moment when clarity could mean bringing home a trophy or leaving empty-handed. We all eat a lot while hunting on our stand. The enclosed Ostrim Beef Snack Stick will come in handy when the stomach threatens to tell every animal in the woods that it's hungry.

Hunter's Haul has many subscription plans to suit just about everyone. What was in the past Hunter's Haul boxes you ask? Well, you can view that here on their website. You can also review answers to commonly asked questions in the FAQ section.

I've found Hunter's Haul Monthly Gear Box Subscription to be very practical and useful. It's obviously made by hunters for hunters. Be sure to check them out today and see what Hunter's Haul Monthly Gear Box Subscription can do for you.

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