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Wheelchair-Bound Shooter and Instructors Commit Serious Gun Range Hazard

gun range course fail

You might find yourself screaming at the computer screen.

Sometimes you see a scene unfold that just defies explanation. It is like watching a train wreck. You just can't look away from the chaos.

This video of an epic gun range safety failure will make your blood boil.

Here's the video:

In a video shared by Chris Henderson on Facebook we see what might be the worst gun training video witnessed.

A line of shooters are instructed to approach the target and fire while on the move.

As they do this, a shooter confined to a wheel chair struggles to advance because of spent shotshells and loose gravel debris on the range.

The instructors push him forward while the other shooters are already downrange and instruct him to fire. Bullets tear between the shooters on each side and crash into the backstop. We are very certain those other shooters downrange were not too happy to be in the peril.

This blatant ignorance of basic firearms safety of an elementary level is just sickening. We hope these instructors are not training anyone in gun safety at this point since this video has become public.

Be safe out there fellow shooters, and always watch your six o'clock.



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Wheelchair-Bound Shooter and Instructors Commit Serious Gun Range Hazard