Fly Casting Infographic Offers Super Useful Pointers for Casting Excellence

You're never too old to learn or too experienced to review fly casting basics. This infographic will help you in achieving excellence with your fly rod.

Some would say that casting a fly rod is an art form. I'd say it's a skill that anyone can learn. The real beauty of fly casting is that it's a skill that can always be improved.

If you're casting properly and with good form, your line will form what is known as "the loop." That is, the top portion of your line should more or less run parallel to the bottom half, As it unrolls, your fly line and leader should unroll over the surface of the water in a smooth and straight line.

It's all about properly loading the rod, which transfers its loaded energy to the fly line as you complete your cast.

The overhead cast is the bread-and-butter cast for fly fishing. Keep your wrist straight and your elbow in close to your body.

Make sure that the line unrolls all the way on the back cast portion of the cast, before you begin the forward cast portion. It's perfectly acceptable to watch your line as you practice casting.

This infographic should help remind and guide you.

I just went out with my fly rod after not using it for a few years. I was sloppy, and my line looked like a squiggly spaghetti noodle when it hit the ground (I was practicing on the grass). I needed to remind myself of the basics, slow down, and take my time. It didn't take long before things began to come back.

I walked down to the lake where we live and made several casts. I still needed some work, to be sure, but I did catch a couple of panfish.

There's nothing like catching a fish on fly gear to give you some confidence. I had forgotten how much fun fly fishing could be.

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