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Catch GIANT Bluegill on the ‘Dock of Dreams’ [VIDEO]

You know you’re in heaven when you are tossing back one giant bluegill after another weighing between one and two pounds each.

Gene “Flukemaster” Jensen is once again on Richmond Mill Lake, the “best bluegill lake in the world.” This North Carolina lake is where we saw Jensen catch a number of frisbee-sized bluegills before.

Here he appears to be spending a few minutes of downtime on a quiet and overcast afternoon, catching monster bluegills like it’s no big deal at all. He’s fishing crickets, a well-known bluegill favorite.

It’s a sweet little video. Not much talking, just the sounds of nature and a distant train whistle providing the backdrop.

May all fishermen someday experience fishing nirvana like this, where catching giant bluegills becomes so redundant that they barely merit a second look as we toss them back into the water. Amazing!

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Catch GIANT Bluegill on the ‘Dock of Dreams’ [VIDEO]