Fishing Business Idea: Bait Trucks That Are Run Like Food Trucks

Here's an idea: how about a live bait fishing truck that brings bait and other fishing gear directly to the anglers?

It happens often: a shore fisherman or a group fishing off of a pier run out of the bait that was working well, and they have to leave to get more.

We're talking worst case scenario here. They could lose their spot to other fishermen, or, even more ghastly, be left unequipped when the bite is on!

Now, this may all be a bit on the comedic side, but many fishermen have been part of a good day when they simply ran out of bait. Before giving up, let's try to imagine being able to continue a great day without doing much more than making a phone call to see where the nearest bait truck was located.

It may seem a little far-fetched right now, but the person that starts this trend might just line their pockets with some fisherman's hard-earned money, simply because they had a mobile truck with live bait, line, lures, hooks, and maybe even a rod and reel combo!

You could imagine it, right? And if the truck just happened to have some sandwiches at the ready? Well, they had better have enough room to store all the cash anglers would be willing to throw their way.

Before you laugh, and some of you may already be chuckling, let's explore what might be needed to begin such an enterprise.

You may or may not have to contact the health department, but you will certainly need a business plan. Start up costs may include a small business loan, insurance, and a truck or van.

You'll need to have a social media presence to get noticed, but once you are up and running, word of mouth may be your best friend. As far as point of sale goes, there are piers and dock fishermen that circle the entire expanse of the Great Lakes, and in every town on every coastline from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, and from Baha California to Alaska.

As a fishing bait truck, what live bait may you want to carry? Well, for starters, things like shiners and other minnows, nightcrawlers, sucker chubs, leeches, shad, and even crawfish would be good ideas.

As a moving tackle shop you'll want to include as many different lures as you can, sinkers, bait buckets, jigs, and especially line. You may have to leave out such bulky items as landing nets and even fishing rods until you get established since they take up so much room.

The bottom line is that almost no one is doing this, so you can make up your own rules!

Veteran anglers ready to hit the water, whether it be freshwater or saltwater, may be looking for the nearest bait shop. If you're in the right area, that will be you since you are virtually the only bait fish delivery service on wheels.

There are extra supplies you'll need, which certainly won't come custom, even if the vehicle you're using has already been transformed into a food truck. Obviously you will need bait tanks and an aerator, but for a bait dealer like you, there are other, intangible things you'll require too.

You'll become a source. The most important information you will need to share is the answers to "What are they using, and where are they fishing?" Because no good fishing trip ever started without it.

As a bait truck driver you'll need to know your area and understand what baits are the best choice based on the time of the year and what is available. Carrying these items may take some innovative thinking as water filled tanks will want to slosh around as you move, but the biggest issue may be getting your hands on them in the first place.

If you can't catch the bait yourself, you'll be stuck buying it from someone else and then having to mark up the price to your customers, so a bait truck owner who can procure their own live bait will be further ahead of the competition.

As a vendor you may be able to buy items in bulk, allowing for some savings that you can pass on to your customers. You know, the sort of stuff that will garner you a loyal clientele.

The bottom line is that if the fish are biting on a certain bait—be it live or artificial—and you have it in stock, you may just have hit the jackpot!

This just seems like an idea whose time has come. For those out there already partaking in such a business, we salute you! For the fishermen that would like to see such an undertaking are like the rest of us: We have deep pockets that are in easy reach for anything that will catch us more fish!

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