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Man Dives From Chopper onto a Marlin, But the Camera Sequence Doesn't Add Up

New Zealander Matt Watson locks his sights on a blue marlin from a hovering helicopter. No, really!

Adventure angler Matt Watson of Ultimate Fishing hails from New Zealand and might be the only man to attempt capturing a live marlin from the deck of a flying helicopter. Having made the decision to become the first Gannet Man (if you didn't know, a gannet is a seabird), Watson boards a light-utility helicopter and begins his search for gamefish.

Upon seeing some mahi-mahi and one brightly colored blue marlin, his decision is made. That's right, he's going to try to capture a blue marlin from a moving chopper.

Apparently you can throw away the rod and reel combo, because now we've seen everything! 

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Here's one intrepid Kiwi who's not afraid of going out on a limb.

Now that you've seen the video, do you think the he honestly jumped out of a helicopter, landed on a marlin, and was able to take control of it? We're thinking that this might be little far-fetched, but they surely got footage of him holding a large gamefish, regardless of how he came about it.

Since that marlin was so lethargic, some have said that maybe it was a caught fish that was in the process of being released, making it easier to hold on to. But a live marlin full of all its vigor?

Probably not, but it makes for a fun video.

What do you think? Did he really grab a marlin from a helicopter?

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