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Rattlesnake Doesn't Appreciate a GoPro in Its Face

These fellows shoved their GoPro camera into a rattlesnake's face and the result was as you'd expect.

For those of you who have spent a lifetime living in and around areas of the United States where the diamondback rattlesnake lives, you completely understand the respect and distance that this reptile deserves and commands.

For those of us who have only seen these frightening critters in the zoo or at the reptile show, it goes without saying that we would never do this, nor in any way recommend doing it!

As a show, this video delivers in a stunning way, but it still begs the question: is there ever a good reason to do this? Watch and see what a live, very annoyed rattler will do to a camera that's shoved right into its face.

Warning: don't ever try this!

One thing that we have found out since its inception is that the sound recording ability on a GoPro is quite good for its size.

Having said that, can the sizzling buzz of a rattlesnake's rattle be any more intimidating?

And, of course, it struck at the camera with the full intent to injure! It even appeared to have left some of its wet venom on the lens.

Healthline says, "Rattlesnake bites are a medical emergency. Rattlesnakes are venomous. If you're bitten by one it can be dangerous, but it's very rarely fatal. However, if left untreated, the bite may result in severe medical problems or death."

That's good knowledge to have, and some that most folks living particularly in the American Southwest know by heart, but should you honestly ever test a live rattlesnake like this?

The answer is a resounding NO.

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