Hilton Head
Jonathan Wiles

Rattlesnakes Can Swim? Rattler Wanders Ashore on Hilton Head, Couple Takes Video

Ever see a rattlesnake wander out of the ocean before? This couple walking on Hilton Head Island has!

Here's one more thing to think about if you're planning a vacation at the spectacular Hilton Head Island Port Royal Plantation Beach: diamondback rattlesnakes that can swim. 

Jonathan and Lindsay Wiles happened to be the lucky couple walking down the beach on August 1, 2017 when a fairly big rattler slithered out of the water right in front of them. Not having shotguns or mortar rounds or flamethrowers, they instead calmly took some nice pictures and video and shared them with the rest of us.

Well, that was nice of them. Let's start with a little video:

Jonathan Wiles shared Lindsay's post that read,

"Are beach rattlers "a thing" cuz they are now."

Herpetologist for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Will Dillman said that the snake in the photos and video(s) is "absolutely" an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. (By the way, that's the largest venomous snake in North America).

Dillman also said:

"Usually you aren't going to see them right on the beach like that, but they do occur. It's very possible this snake was doing some normal swimming and got caught in a harsh tide and ended up where it didn't intend to be."

Do they bury themselves in the sand too? Because we're not going to be doing that anytime soon either. What's next, a praying mantis eating humming birds? Yeah it definitely happens right around here.

Photo via Facebook/Jonathan Wiles