Oklahoma granny

Oklahoma Granny Kills 11 Copperheads, Then Goes Back for More

a 72-year-old Kinta woman found 11 copperheads under her trailer so she did what any granny would do: get out her 20 gauge and take care of it!

Mrs. Newby of Kinta, Oklahoma already had one diamondback rattler under her belt from the month before when she discovered a den of venomous copperheads living under her trailer.

The feisty 72-year-old then got out her trusty 20 gauge and took the toxic reptiles out.

She said that when she runs out of shells that a shovel and a rake do just fine, thank you. After having taken out 11 of the snakes in just one evening, Mrs. Newby was said to have killed a total of 17 over the next few nights!

Here's a video with a little more on the snake-killing granny:

Apparently her neighbor, Susan Thompson, had posted several pictures of Mrs. Newby to her Facebook page to the delight and praise of everyone, but sadly those pictures seem to have been taken down.

One thing is for sure, Mrs. Newby is more deadly than a bucket full of copperheads and one diamondback rattlesnake! Congrats to this feisty granny for keeping her head up when the chips were down!