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26 Rattlesnakes and Counting Under This Texas Deer Blind

A group of hunters in Texas went out to work on their deer blind and what they found stunned them: 26 rattlesnakes hiding underneath it.

In the annals of Texas deer hunting, you may not have heard of too many incidents like this one: a group of four friends out to repair their deer hunting blind discovered 26 rattlers living underneath of it.

Rusty Hopper and his party were out near the town of Matador about 80 miles northeast of Lubbock when they stumbled upon the den of slithering snakes. Hopper, a Facebook user, had made a post about the incident saying, "Picked my deer blind up to rebuild it and killed 26 rattlesnakes and one that we weren't sure what it was this morning at the lease"

Hopper then 'tagged' friends Craig Turner, Brett Turner, and Chad Guthrie in the post which went viral, but now appears to have been taken down.

When asked about it, Steve Lightfoot of the TPWD said that rattlesnakes are usually secretive, shy, and not aggressive creatures and if a person should happen upon such a clutch of the animals they should refrain from sudden movement and give the snakes an opportunity to leave.

Lightfoot said "Nine times out of 10, they're going to try getting away. They're part of the landscape as well so it's best to be educated and informed so you can be aware of your surroundings"


Maybe more amazing is the reaction Hopper got to his Facebook post. The social media site responded virally to the pictures and caused quite a stir. In a reply to a friend on the site Hopper said, "Not what I intended. You can't imagine the messages and stuff I've gotten from random people"

Making a Facebook post as 'Public' on the site has been known to make things the stuff of legend and it is also known to bring out the "Trolls" or people who will say almost anything conceivable to get their point across. Once that post is out there for all to see you can really garner a reaction from those in the world that can and will react negatively to hunting which is what likely happened.

It's not known whether this is the reason that the post can no longer be seen, but make no mistake- if you post anywhere on social media you will learn that the hunter can quickly become the hunted.

Photos via Popular Mechanics


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26 Rattlesnakes and Counting Under This Texas Deer Blind