7 Praying Mantis Videos That Prove Hummingbirds Are on the Menu

Hummingbird lovers, look away. If you see a praying mantis on your hummingbird feeder, get the shotgun!

Hummingbird lover everywhere will tell you that the sound they make as they buzz by you will make you think that a big, huge bug just flew by.

Well there's something else out there that thinks they are a great big bug as well: the freaky insect known by all as the praying mantis.

Don't believe me? Then step up to the plate and review these seven videos for your horror show loving self, but be warned: you may hurl... or worse.

Here's the freak show you've been waiting for:

1. Yes, they really want your hummer for lunch.

2. 5 minutes of straight up cringe.

3. Your blood will freeze.

4. The little ones are even faster.

5. They are just insanely quick!

6. This will freak you out.

7. This will keep you awake for a week.

For those of you who made it to the end without freaking out, you can see a mantis get owned by a bird right here, just to make it all better...Yeah, right!

Who knew that these mad dog hunters of the insect world would take down your favorite bird?! Just the way that they move around is the stuff of nightmares, let alone when they strike their prey!

Hunters everywhere take notes.