murder hornet
YouTube: Preston Waters

Murder Hornet Killed by Swarm of Asian Bees

As the hysteria surrounding murder hornets rages on, we stumbled upon yet another incredible clip.

While it's hard to predict the overall fallout of the Asian giant hornet crisis in the United States, the nickname "murder hornet" is enough to give anyone chills.

However, the average person might misconstrue the villainous nickname, as it doesn't actually stem from a threat to humans, but rather the hornet's tendency to crawl into hives and viciously decapitate bees.

The threat facing North America lands on native bees more than any other organism, as the invasive species could wreak havoc on populations should it cement a position in our ecosystem.

In an old clip that recently resurfaced on YouTube, though, we see hope for our domestic bees, as every form of life is always stronger in numbers.

Watch the video below:

The dangerous hornets' approach is simple. A scout will find and invade a bee hive, and then release a pheromonal mark to alert other hornets of a honey hole, so to speak. With reinforcements, the hornets are then able to overpower the overwhelming number of defensive bees.

As you can see, this video was shaping up to display one of the horrific endings you've been reading about in the news, as we spot a Japanese giant hornet that found a way into a bee hive. Fortunately, though, before it can release its pheromonal mark, these honeybees spring into action and remove the threat.

But, where the threat looms larger is among bees with no way to defend themselves, such as bumble bees.

Humans want no part of murder hornets either, however, as the stingers are long enough to pierce the standard beekeeper suit.

The battle against the invasive murder hornets has only just begun, as North American beekeepers are already setting traps in a desperate attempt to slow the hornets' momentum, but this video should provide hope.