murder hornet
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Aggressive Hornet Kills Mouse Three Times Its Size

Mother Nature can be cruel, and this mouse drew the short straw.

At a time when Americans are on edge more than ever—with a growing coronavirus pandemic and the recent discovering of Asian giant hornets, often called "murder hornets"—we see a clip that'll make anyone cringe a little bit.

While we're becoming accustomed to the brutality Mother Nature is capable of, it'll never be easy to watch any organism in helpless circumstances.

Though there's no way to know if this is in fact a murder hornet or a something else, the possibility of it being the latter is almost scarier, as it would demonstrate the devastating potential of even your average stinger threat.

Watch the video below:

That mouse never stood a chance.

Chances are it wasn't one of the feared Asian hornets, but it still highlights the threat facing our ecosystem, particularly domestic bees.

While humans aren't currently at a great risk with the country continuing its "shelter in place" approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, it'll only be a matter of time before we're back to our normal routines that include far more time outside.

Hornets, wasps and bees have always been treated as more of a pest than a threat, but chances are that mentality will have to change going forward, as a human run-in with a murder hornet could look a lot like the video above.

Like most struggles with invasive species, we'll likely find a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding, but there's a good chance murder hornets will be around North America for a while.

Again, this sighting seemingly shows a domestic hornet, but it didn't ultimately make a difference for the mouse.