Asian Giant Hornet
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Coyote Peterson Experienced the Sting of the Asian Giant Hornet Before It was Famous

Coyote Peterson's encounter with the "Murder Hornet" looks excruciatingly painful. 

There has been a ton of hype recently regarding the "murder hornet" possibly invading North America. One news story snowballed into another Internet hype phenomenon that makes 2020 seem even weirder. That is saying something considering this is the year of Covid-19 and Tiger King!

The real name for the murder hornet is the Asian giant hornet. It does have a wicked sting that you do not want to experience. Remember Coyote Peterson and his famous serious of videos where he experienced the worst insect stings on earth? Well, it turns out he already experienced the pain of the Asian giant hornet.

The video below should give you a good idea what it is like to get stung by this insect. Wait until you see how much his arm and hand swell up!

Yikes! The swelling and redness around the sting area alone look awful. We simply cannot imagine how much this sting hurt. Coyote is now on record as saying this was the second-worst sting he ever experienced. It only falls short to a bug with a similar intimidating name, the executioner wasp.

Coyote also took note of the recent hype behind the Asian giant hornet and he took a time to release a video dispelling some of the concerns the public may have about this bug. Most notably, he said the odds of an invasion of these insects is highly unlikely. You can hear him talk about it more in the video below.

At least that is a little bit of good news here in 2020. We will take anything we can get at this point. However, based on Coyote's reaction in this video and the follow up videos where he explains it was nearly 36 hours of agonizing pain before it finally subsided, we will be good if we never see this insect in our lifetimes!

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