19 rattlesnakes

19 Rattlesnakes Found Under Children's Playhouse in California Caught on Video

When a Ridgecrest mother heard rattling under her children's plastic playhouse she thought it might a leaky pipe, but the reality was much more scary.

Amanda Friedrick found 18 baby sidewinder rattlesnakes and their mother in and around her children's plastic playhouse.

Thinking it might be some kind of mechanical problem in their yard she did what any mother would do and investigated the noise. The problem turned out to be an organic one of epic proportions.

Friedrick said:

"It was really scary. Our kids had just played there and it's right by our door"

Now it was time for Ridgecrest Animal Control to get in on the action by sending veteran RPD Animal Control Officer Shawna Villa-Rodriguez and her snake-grabbing abilities. 

Check out the sidewinding video:

Villa-Rodriguez said that she didn't initially think that all the baby sidewinders had come from one snake, but that there was no sign of another adult.

The RPD ACO added:

"If you are living in the desert, you should make sure to check your child's toys. Perhaps have solid play gym like the wood ones."

The snakes were said to have nested in the playhouse due to its prime source of warmth and darkness. People are asked to carry a stick and make noise as a precaution and always check obvious warm, hollow, or dark places like under a car or near a house.