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Alaskan Moose Charges Cyclists Cruising a Trail

Alaskan moose charges cyclists

A territorial mother moose charges a cyclists on a trail near Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. 

Moose are often portrayed as majestic, graceful animals that don't have a care in the world. This cyclist in the video below may hold a different opinion, though. While cycling near JBER, Andrew Eker accidentally provoked a reaction as he approached a mother moose and her two calves.

The local news, however, found out about the moose and traveled to check out the situation.

While they filmed, they caught this on video.

Moose can be extremely dangerous at times. I've personally had a few very close encounters before, one of which I had to defend myself with my ski pole while hiding behind a small tree.

Posted by The Alaska Life on Monday, May 21, 2018

These animals are very protective of their young, and you simply don't want to test animal this big. Nine times out of 10, the moose is going to win.

It's difficult to tell whether the moose actually made contact with his bike or not, but either way, the man looks pretty shaken up. Thank goodness for the crew at KTVA who came to his rescue.



Alaskan Moose Charges Cyclists Cruising a Trail