Maine Moose

Maine Moose Saved By Shed Hunters in Spring Hole Swamp

In an effort to simply find some sheds, two men found a moose up to her neck in mud.

The Maine moose, struggling to survive, lucked out big time. Had it not been for these two shed hunters, this moose would have died and left her calf to fend for itself.

The men called game warden Bayley Grant, who promptly rushed out to discover something he hasn't seen in his 24 years of work. He gathered a tow strap and 20 feet of nylon rope to help pull the moose out of the swamp.

They wedged a stick underneath the moose's front legs in order to wrap the rope around her.

The group later discovered that the hole measured approximately 10 feet deep and about 6 feet in diameter.

The moose appeared to be fine after fleeing the scene. She reunited with her calf and hasn't shown any problems since.

According to Grant, they typically don't make it after excruciating events due to brainworm or broken legs. This one did.

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