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3 DIY Hog Hunting Baits That Will Ensure Success

three DIY hog hunting baits

These three DIY hog hunting baits will lead to putting bacon on your table. 

It's no secret that hogs are multiplying at an exponential rate all across the United States, especially the south. The problem is that they are literally destroying everything they touch. Whether that be pasture land, fawns or crops, hogs are a recipe for disaster if we let them increase any longer.

That's why I've compiled these three DIY hog hunting baits that will be sure to draw the hogs in for a meal.

1. Dry dog food

diy hog hunting
Serious Eats

The great thing about hogs is that they will eat just about anything which provides ample opportunities to shop bait and maintain a low budget. One of these is dog food. You can buy some at your local pet shop and spread it around your bait station. You might even mix it with a little bit of corn to add variety and sit and wait for that sow or boar to come to it.

2. Ripe fruit

Pigs are omnivores which means they will eat both forage and meat. Now fruit will be more expensive than most baits unless you grow fruit and have some extra to spare. However, make sure the fruit hasn't expired or the hogs will likely not prefer something that's rotten.

3. Corn fermented in beer

At the end of the day, if you can only pick one bait, this should be it. First and foremost, hogs love corn, period. They will prefer corn over almost anything else which is good because a 40-pound bag of corn is relatively cheap and last for a while.

To add an extra element, though, you can ferment the corn in beer which will provide that extra stench that your local hog population can't resist.

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3 DIY Hog Hunting Baits That Will Ensure Success