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Rainbow Trout Sampling in the New York Finger Lakes is Literally ‘Stunning’

rainbow trout

The New York DEC conducted its yearly electrofishing survey to assess the health of rainbow trout in the Finger Lakes Region.

Each year, the NYS DEC conducts electrofishing surveys in the Finger Lakes to determine overall health of native species such as rainbow trout.

A Mecca for many is the vastly popular Naples creek area in Ontario County. The state DEC announces the survey in advance so teachers, parents, and members of the fishing and conservation community can be there to observe one of the most popular events in NYS.

Here's the video:

Thanks to the NYS DEC for sharing this great video!

I first witnessed this Naples creek survey way back in 1982! Since then native populations of rainbow trout in Canandaigua Lake have continued to thrive.

The DEC says,

"Lakers" and "browns" are maintained by annual stocking, but the rainbow trout fishery is sustained entirely by natural reproduction, mostly in Naples Creek and its tributaries."

Electrofishing is not without controversy, but most biologists agree that the fish are returned to the water to safely carry on their spawn.

Since this brand of survey in the NY Finger Lakes Region has been going on for so long, it must be safe for fish right?

What do you think??


Rainbow Trout Sampling in the New York Finger Lakes is Literally ‘Stunning’