cooking our fish

The 7 Deadly Sins of Cooking Fish: Avoid These and Dinner Will be Saved

These are the seven common mistakes we all make when cooking our fish.

Eventually, even the most ardent catch-and-release fishermen are going to take home some fine fish and make a meal out of it.

Once you've made the decision to have that delicious fish dinner, how do you like to cook it? Whether you fry it, bake it, or grill it, you still may have made one or more of these common mistakes that plague us all.

Check out this short video, then we'll review the "sins" below:

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Thanks to Rodale's Organic Life and Marygrace Taylor over at Prevention for putting together this list of ways that will help us enjoy a fresh fish dinner the right way!

So which one of these are you most guilty of?

  1. Not checking for bones
  2. Leaving too much salt in the marinade
  3. Not patting your fish dry
  4. Not letting the pan get hot enough
  5. Did you cook the skin side first?
  6. Leave it alone while it's cooking!
  7. Overcooking

For sportsmen it's hard enough to even make the decision to kill and keep some of our prized resource. Since one of the reasons we all became a fisherman in the first place were those family dinners we had after a day on the water, it's no wonder that we love to eat fish so much!

Now that we've all taught our children how important it is to release our catch safe and sound, teach them how delicious and nutritious a fresh fish dinner can be!

If it's the right size, and within the legal limit, take a couple home once in a while and enjoy them as a treat for you and your family.