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Grilling Fish Takes on a Whole New Meaning

grilling fish

This extensive form of grilling fish is something you must try (if you have the patience, that is).

The way you spend your evening grilling fish is the difference between feasting on your catch or eating mushy seafood. Not everyone enjoys seafood, but after you witness this delicate form of prepping a cooked seafood meal, you’ll at least have an appreciation for this form of art.

Personally, this process would try my patience, and I would have to mentally prepare my mind before I started cooking a fish like this. However, the preparation of this meal gives a whole new respect for a chef such as the one in the video.

Literally, not one ounce of this fish goes to waste. Everything from the scales to the spine is prepared neatly for the meal.

Have you ever cooked a fish like this? Would you have the patience to? Let us know what you think about this process of preparing a seafood meal.

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Grilling Fish Takes on a Whole New Meaning