Eva Shockey Welcomes the Newest Hunter Into the World

We have all been waiting, and the next generation of a rich hunting heritage is born.

If you have watched outdoor television or follow the outdoor industry by any means, you have heard the name Shockey unless you live under a rock.

One of the most well recognized names in the outdoor world, Jim Shockey has been entertaining a passionate following for decades. And if you have any social media accounts, chances are you have come across his daughter Eva Shockey's media platforms.

In a short time in the industry she has captivated a substantial following and has done an incredible job of intriguing young girls into the world of hunting. And we applaud her for that. With a busy schedule, and lots of responsibility she has seen many things in her career, but these last nine months have been a whole new experience for Eva.

Eva and her husband Tim Brent have been preparing for being first-time parents. And now the time has finally come. On Saturday January 14, 2017, Eva Shockey and family welcomed a healthy baby girl names Lennon (Leni) Bow Brent into this world.

Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey Baby Leni pictured with Grandma Shockey.

Was anyone surprised to find the middle name Bow on the birth certificate of Jim Shockey's granddaughter? We highly doubt it.

The Shockey's are excited for this next stage in life, and many are excited to follow along to see it all unfold. A rich hunting heritage family added one more little bow hunter for their adventures.


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