illinois poaching 21 bucks
Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police

Men Found Guilty of Poaching 21 Bucks in Illinois

After an investigation, 3 men are found guilty for the illegal harvesting of 21 bucks. What a shame.

If you live in Illinois, you have heard the rumblings of the decreasing deer heard. As a die hard hunter, it is rather discomforting to hear the harvest rates declining, and then also knowing there are hunters out there poaching like this.

With harvest reports showing fewer deer taken every year, and then seeing an investigation report like this one, you can only cringe at the amount of whitetail that are also being taken illegally.

And not showing up on the harvest reports for that matter.

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CPO Nick Reid and CPO Michael Goetten conducted an investigation in Calhoun County, Illinois about hunters over harvesting antlered deer. After a few findings, three subjects were arrested and taken into custody. 21 whitetail bucks were seized as a result of the search, and the case is now closed.

21 illegally taken bucks. Absolutely absurd, and the bad thing is, there are many groups who could probably "top" that number, shamefully.

As a result of the case being closed, fines and some punishment has been dealt. The fines and cost were in excess of $8,000 for the three hunters. If you ask most people, that's not near enough.

In the photo above, CPO Goetten is pictured with Pere Marquette State Park Site Superintendent Chris Hespen. The illegally taken deer will be displayed at the park as a reminder of the threat to our Natural Resources as a result of poaching. according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police's Facebook page.

It's just too bad when you hear stories like this one.

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