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Cougar Poacher Busted After (You Guessed It) Bragging on Facebook

King 5 News

This Washington poacher was nabbed after allegedly broadcasting his illegal hunt on Facebook.

A Washington man could potentially be facing prison if convicted of poaching a cougar before obtaining a permit.

And the reason he was busted was something that is becoming more and more common these days. Investigators, suspicious of the kill from the start, have hit Cody Young with poaching in part because of posts on his Facebook page that appear to show he posted photos of the big cat dead hours before he actually went in to purchase his permit back in September.

Young is facing a felony charge in this case because of prior convictions for poaching an elk, also without a license. It could mean a loss of hunting privileges for 10 years if he is convicted.

The fact that he shot the cougar on the same day he got the permit was what triggered an investigation into the manner in the first place.

In addition to his allegedly incriminating Facebook page, investigators also found text messages indicating he had killed a cougar. Times on the texts indicated it happened hours before Young was allegedly caught on surveillance footage obtaining a permit.

Law enforcement officials have increasingly been using social media against criminals in recent years. This includes wildlife crimes. In the past year, poachers have been busted for over-the-limit fish in Texas and python poachers in China.

In Utah, an antler thief was similarly busted last year after bragging about his heist on Snapchat.

No complaints here if the poachers are choosing to make it as easy as possible for officials to catch them!

Shoutout to King 5 News for their report.

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Cougar Poacher Busted After (You Guessed It) Bragging on Facebook