battle between moose and wolf
YouTube: Dan Nystedt

Drone Footage Captures Showdown Between Moose and Wolf

This is the coolest wildlife footage you'll see this year. Guaranteed.

Drones have taken videography to new heights, giving the viewer an unparalleled perspective of the world—and its wildlife—found below. The following footage, shot just north of Sault Ste. Marie in northern Ontario, Canada, sets the bar high, capturing an animal's will to survive—either by feasting or fleeing.

Dan Nystedt, of Form Productions, was out shooting scenics on Oct. 9 when he spotted a cow moose almost waist deep in a lake and just out from shore. An awesome addition to the film, right? Well, just wait to see what happens next!

Watch the video:

Was that thrilling enough for you?! It could have gone either way there for a bit, and you have to wonder what might have happened if the moose didn't retreat to deeper water while that wolf was attached to her leg.

Anyone else wondering where the rest of the wolf pack was? We'd be seeing a different outcome for sure if reinforcements had shown up. Lucky for the moose, they didn't.

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