Pacific Eagle Air Cam/YouTube

Epic Drone Footage Shows Humpback Whale Lost in Ventura Marina

Spoiler Alert: It made its way back out to the ocean the next day.

For the first time ever, a 35-foot humpback whale became lost on May 20 and found itself 'stuck' in the Ventura Harbor Marina. The massive whale, traveling during migration season, is captured in breathtaking footage by a drone - leisurely swimming amongst the moored boats and dock slips while searching for a way out.

Pacific Eagle Air Cam captured the rare sighting with a Dji Phantom 3 Professional 4K drone, the results of which are incredible:

Talk about one heck of a maze!

According to a story published in the Los Angeles Times, marine biologists used an underwater microphone to broadcast whale calls in order to lure the animal out. It must have worked, as their was no sign of it the next morning.

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