Early Season Turkey Hunt and Takeaways

The video below will get you primed up  to chase some thunder chickens.

Now I love hunting of all types, but NOTHING gets me more excited than a big tom gobbling from it's roost. This video has some great examples of how exciting turkey hunting can be. It also has one weird pig.

There is nothing like listening to turkeys on a nice spring morning to get your heart racing, even when you are just watching it. Not only is this some awesome action but there are some great lessons to take out of this video. The biggest is to be mobile. Don't sit in one spot when you are hunting some a new area, move to where the turkeys want to be. Especially when you are seeing them.

Remember decoys work, sometimes to well. That first tom was not willing to commit to the decoys because the Jake was there. If a tom doesn't like your setup, be it a Jake is there or not there. Change it. Switch to a feeding hen to calm the tom and bring it in to range.

Adapt, learn, and pattern. This is true for all hunting but even more so for turkey hunting. Change your location based on what you are seeing. Adapt your calling to what is working and what the hens around you are doing. Using the video as example plan "C" was finally successful.

My favorite lesson is one that is always stated at the end of these videos and one that is often loss these days. Take your time and enjoy creation. Everything seems to be so wrapped up in successful hunts and not the learning from the hunt and the experiences gained.