wild turkey

Michigan Man Cited for Kicking an "Ape Crazy" Wild Turkey to Death

A Michigan man was forced to defend himself from a wild turkey.

Yes, you read that right. MLive reports that in late February, a Michigan conservation officer had to respond to an incident involving an "ape crazy" turkey.

A Northern Michigan man's girlfriend, ex girlfriend, and his son where all outside when a jake came in, in full strut and acting aggressive. The three went inside to alert the un-named man. After being awoken, he went to check out the turkey.

That's when things went a little sideways. In an effort to show he meant the turkey no harm, he tried to feed it. The turkey ate the bread that it was given and, as a thank-you, attacked. The Jake jumped on the man's shoulders and nearly knocked him to the ground. The bird then grabbed him by the shoulders and started to peck his head and beat him with his wings.

Like most people in the same situation, the man reacted. He threw it to the ground, stunning it. Then, to ensure it learned its lesson, he kicked it in the chest. The bird continued to flap its wings, prompting for the delivery of another kick to the chest.

He checked on the turkey 30 minutes later. The bird was dead, resulting in enforcement action from Michigan Conservation officers of District 4. Michigan District 4 includes Benzie, Grand Traverse, Lake. Leelanau, Manistee, Mason. Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, and Wexford Counties.

While this is an interesting story it all could have been avoided. Turkeys are a wild animal and should not be fed. In fact, if a wild turkey is in strut and acting aggressively leave it alone. Turkeys are territorial and are known to fight one another.