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Alternative to the October Lulls: 5 Fall Turkey Tactics

female wild turkeys

Tired of the tree stand? Grab your calls and decoys and try chasing some thunder chickens.

Most fall turkey hunters pursue turkey while they are deer hunting, not specifically targeting them. This is unfortunate, because turkey hunting can be some of the most exciting hunts, even in fall. Use these tips to bring birds into your lap.

1. Put boots on the ground

Get out and scout. Look for feathers, tracks and droppings, just like you would  in spring. Unlike spring, it should be easier as the flocks should be bigger. Bring your turkey gun while scouting and move slow. Keep your eyes open you might be putting a stalk on a tom without even trying.

2. Food

Find the food, find the birds. Turkeys still need to eat, and this tactic  should be obvious. Check for acorns in wooded areas. Personally, I like to check open areas with tall grass. These seem to hold grasshoppers and other bugs that the turkeys feed on heavily this time of year. On colder days, the birds will stick closer or completely to the cover of the woods.

3. Still use calls

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Turkeys are a flocking bird, so communication is critical. Capitalize on that, and call a flock to you. Stick to clucks and purrs, but you still might be able to call a gobbling strutting tom with some more aggressive calls.

4. Bum rush the flock

Do you have a flock holding up just out of range? Close the distance quick, you might be able to get a shot off you might not. Once you scatter the birds find a good  spot to setup and start calling. Fall birds want to flock and they should show up at your location in short order. If you are looking for a tom, you might have to wait it out as they will take a longer  time to rejoin the flock.

5. Roost and wait

Turkeys make a lot of noise when they go to roost. While on your scouting trips in the evening, listen for them to fly up and come back in the morning, or look for roosting areas indicated by droppings and feathers. Then, pick a spot between the roost and food and let them come to you.


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Alternative to the October Lulls: 5 Fall Turkey Tactics