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Doritos Commercial Gave New Meaning to "When Pigs Fly"

We have all heard the saying "when pigs fly", but this famous Super Bowl ad took the classic phrase to a new level... when a kid took it in the most literal way.

With this year's Super Bowl quickly approaching, we are sure that every American is excitedly gearing up for the big game — and for the commercials, of course! Yes, that's right, let's be honest here: The Super Bowl is only half as good if not for the commercials. While there are many Super Bowl commercial greats out there, like the always-popular Super Bowl ads from Budweiser (such as their classic "Rocky" commercial and their inspirational donkey commercial!), tortilla-chip brand Doritos also has some of the best (and the funniest!) Super Bowl commercials the big game has to offer — for example, this hilarious 'When Pigs Fly' Super Bowl tv ad.

Aired in the 2015 Super Bowl, the famous tv spot was made by Canadian twin brothers Graham Talbot and Nelson Talbot for the 'Crash the Super Bowl' contest from Doritos. Named one of the two finalists in the competition (the other finalist being a spot called 'Middle Seat'), the Super Bowl commercial, titled 'When Pigs Fly', featured a young boy named Billy who just shows exactly how far he will go to get his hands on a bag of Doritos... even if it means strapping a rocket to a pig!

Now, we've all heard of that old saying "when pigs fly", but in this 30-second clip, Doritos gives a whole new meaning to the phrase when a farmer named Ralph (played by Canadian actor Brendan Taylor) wouldn't share his Doritos with young Billy, sarcastically stating "sure, when pigs fly". This gave Billy the idea of turning that into reality: by designing and building a rocket-powered device that allowed a pig to soar and fly through the air — by the push of a launch button, naturally, of course. Watch how Billy made the saying "when pigs fly" come true, all in the name of Doritos!

Doritos 'When Pigs Fly' Commercial:

Aired during Super Bowl XLIX, the commercial won second place, with the brothers taking home a hefty cash prize of $50,000 plus a seat at the NFL's title game in Arizona.

Other than having their 30-second commercial air at Super Bowl, the winner of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest won the cash grand prize of $1 million, and an opportunity to work at Universal Pictures in Hollywood, L.A.

For this year's big game, be sure to stock up on snacks like Cheetos, Snickers, and Doritos, of course, and catch the game ads. Also, be sure to have plenty of drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and lots of beer — maybe throw in a couple of Michelob Ultras for those low-carb drinkers!

Just don't start strapping pigs to rockets though.

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