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Family Left Behind Dog with the Trash, He Waits Patiently on a Mattress

This dog was left out with the garbage. You're moving and there are always hoops to jump through when it comes to your animals. This can be finding a pet-friendly rental or the worst-case scenario having to re-home your dog or cat with a family member or trusted friend. Yet how does someone have NO plan? Or the worst plan imaginable. This dog was left out with the garbage after a family moved.

This story may be older but it has a happy ending and we wanted readers to know what happened to Boo, the dog left out with the trash. You likely saw the post but didn't get any update!

The Epoch Times summarized the story best. The founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, known as Mike Diesel, saw a Facebook post about a dog sleeping in the front yard of an empty home. Diesel told the Detroit News at the time that neighbors saw the family move out.

"As Diesel told the Detroit News when he arrived, neighbors told him that the family had been for a while, some claiming a week whereas others said it had been a whole month! "They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep, unfortunately, that wasn't Boo."

The sweet dog, Boo,  stayed by his belongings for weeks or perhaps even a month according to some before Diesel caught wind of what had happened.

After two days gaining his trust, he was able to get a slip lead around Boo and take him away from these horrible conditions.

The story update and happy ending as reported in this Epoch Times story warmed our hearts!

"When Boo went into foster, Diesel continued to check up on him and was happy to see that he was recovering so well. While Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue weren't able to find an adoptive home, Boo's foster mom loved him so much that she decided to keep him!"

Look at these first-night pics of Boo in his foster home!

We hope Boo's life is full of happy moments, lots of treats and love!

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