Dog "Saves" Drowning Cat, Gets Clawed In The Process

While cats and dogs may not be best friends, this dog still saved a cat from a watery nightmare. 

In most cases, cats and dogs are mortal enemies, and most people would not expect a dog to be a cat's rescuer. Pet owners know that it really could go either way. However, one dog saved a cat from water without a single thought. In one incredible moment, the cat goes from potentially drowning to being saved by a new furry friend, and of course, it is all captured on video for everyone to watch on social media.

Dog Saves Cat From Water

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Most dogs may not try to save a drowning cat, but this pooch made it his job to save this trapped cat. The dog sees the white and black cat in the water and works to get in too. In the trending video, the dog is taking swats to the face as he is trying to find a way in. The heroic dog finally jumps into the water where the frantic cat climbs up onto his back, hanging on for dear life. He takes his lifesaving measures very seriously.

As the cat climbs out and runs off, the poor guy is left in the water to fend for himself! Eventually, he clambers out and onto dry land with the rescue cat safe and sound. We think someone deserves an extra helping of pet food or maybe a good bone for his efforts!

Many viewers chimed in with their thoughts on the dog rescue. One viewer said, "That cat was actually hitting the dog and the dog still helped. So loyal." Another agreed, "Despite being slapped by the cat the dog helped the cat, understanding the trauma that the cat was going through at that moment."

There is no doubt in our minds that he is a very good boy!

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