8 Dog Coasters That Will Give You a Laugh and Protect Your Coffee Table at the Same Time

There are all sorts of tools, sprays, and contraptions out there for cleaning up after your pet has made a mess. Fortunately, as humans, we have things to help us avoid making a mess in the first place, like drink coasters. They protect your surfaces like a loyal canine protects their humans. With a funny dog coaster, they can do a bit of both.

We give our pampered pooches all sorts of accessories to style them into our human world. How about giving yourself an accessory that makes you feel as happy as a dog? Have a laugh and be happy with these coasters.

Cute Dog Coasters

1. Pavilion - "Live. Love. Woof" Dog Ceramic Coaster Cap/Jewelry Dish/Drink Coaster

A puppy-pun play on the ever-famous "Live. Love. Laugh." sign? Put your paw prints all over this one. It may not be dog breed-specific, but this is a cute piece of home decor.

2. KuzmarK Sandstone Car Drink Coaster (set of 2) - Floral Dachshund Dog

If you ever pictured your Dachshund dolled up like one of SpongeBob's Pretty Patties, then this dog gift was personalized just for you. It is an excellent piece of stoneware that will bring a smile from the bottom of your car cupholders.

3. Pit Bull Face Black Pet Dog Coaster Set

Pitties may not have the same beloved reputation as a Labrador or Beagle, but pet lovers know that the "bully breed" is sweet at heart (and also goofy as all get out). This is a great gift for anyone you know who gets a laugh out of the silly pups.

4. Pearhead Dog Lover Coasters

These natural wood coasters are great gift ideas for the holiday season stocking stuffer. If your dog is good, maybe they'll get something from Santa too.

5. The New Yorker Dogs-Box Set of 4 Coasters, 4.25 x 4.25 x 1, Blue and White

These clever captions are laugh-out-loud funny, straight from a comic institution that could only be made in the USA.

6. visesunny Funny Pug Dog in Sunglasses Watermelon Drink Coaster Moisture Absorbing Stone Coasters with Cork Base for Tabletop Protection Prevent Furniture Damage, 2 Pieces

I did not think that anyone could make eating a watermelon look better than Harry Styles. After seeing this pug, I stand corrected.

7. Ceramic Cork Drink Coasters Absorbent Cute Golden Retriever Dog Round Coasters Set of 4 Housewarming Gifts Wine Accessories Rustic Dining Room Decorations

This Golden Retriever has the same face I make when I go to my favorite restaurant and see the special offers that night. Just like a Golden, this coaster is steady: cork backing makes it non-slip.

8. Caroline's Treasures LH9364BUCARC Blue Bulldog English Set of 2 Cup Holder Car Coasters, Large, multicolor

I like to imagine that this English Bulldog is pondering the complexities of puppy life.

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