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Finding Your Pup's Mess Can Be Tricky! This Flashlight Can Help

Accidents happen, especially when you own a dog. Pet urine stains are super common, and while there is plenty of pet supplies out there designed to clean dog urine and remove the enzymes along with it, sometimes finding the places they piddled can be half the battle. These dog urine detectors can help you find the places where messes happened, clean them up, and prevent them in the future.

Keep your house clean and help house-break your doggo with these ultraviolet flashlights. They illuminate urine spots, even dry stains, making it easier to clean them and give you an idea of where your pet may be going to the bathroom in the house. While the naked eye can't always see these dog stains, these ultraviolet LED lights can show you exactly where to spray the stain remover.

Best LED Black Lights

1. PeeDar 2.0 UV Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight + Cat & Dog Behaviorist Book + 3 AAAs. Ultra Bright Optimal 380-385NM LEDs Find Invisible Stains Instantly! Rid Cat, Dog Pee Issues Forever

The PeeDar is handheld and super easy to use. This 385 nM ultraviolet blacklight even comes with 3 AAA batteries and a book on how to help potty-train your dog or cat.

2. LOFTEK UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Flashlight Perfect Detector for Pet Urine and Dry Stains, Handheld Blacklight for Scorpion Hunting

This blacklight from Amazon is great for both urine detection and scorpion hunting (if you live in the desert, you need to try this at least once). The powerful 51 LED 395nm wavelength offers powerful illumination of dog stains, scorpions, and even bed bugs.

3. UV Flashlight Black light, Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector For Dog/Cat Urine,Dry Stains,Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator

While the human eye can't pick up on dry stains from pet urine, this Vansky ultraviolet flashlight makes them easy to detect. This mini flashlight can be taken with you anywhere, so you'll never have to struggle to figure out where any pet urine stains are hiding.

4. UV Black Light Flashlight,100 LED UV Flashlights, Super Bright Ultraviolet Flashlight Professional Blacklight Pet Urine Detector for Dog/Cat,Hunting Scorpions

This super bright ultraviolet flashlight from Amazon makes pet urine detection easy. The LED lights illuminate any dog and cat stains, just clean them up with a pet odor eliminator and you're all set.

5. Simple Solution UV Pet Urine Detector | Spot and Eliminate Dog and Cat Urine Stains | 21 UV LED Lights Reveal Stains for Targeted Cleanup

Use this UV blacklight flashlight to find dog and cat urine and clean it up quickly. It runs on 3 AAA batteries, which are included in the package.

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